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As the name might suggest, prosthodontists are dentists who specialize in making dental “prosthetics”, that is, restorations that replace or restore missing teeth. While there is no area of dentistry specializing in cosmetics, prosthodontists have an expanded skillset and artistic abilities when it comes to planning and designing both removable and fixed dental restorations.

Why is such a specialty important in dentistry? Because full mouth rehabilitation and reconstruction can be quite complex. A prosthodontist will use their abilities and training to create specific types of treatments to the patient, for optimal function, comfort, and aesthetics, especially related to the management of missing teeth.

Unsurprisingly, prosthodontist treatment is among the most expensive in dentistry. Dental insurance coverage annual spending limits are often exhausted before treatment is complete. And most policies typically delay covering major restorative care for up to a year, or strictly limit the frequency of treatment. Dental savings plans offer discounts on virtually all dental care, and do not have spending limits or delays on receiving discounts.

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Education Required to Specialize

Like each of the specialties recognized by the American Dental Association, prosthodontists must first complete four years of dental school and then an additional 2-3 years of training in their area of expertise. Once they specialize, prosthodontists typically do not practice other types of dentistry.

Services Provided by Prosthodontists

A prosthodontist has a great understanding for how the teeth fit and work together, including TMJ disorders. They provide specialized restorations like dental crowns, implants, bridges, and dentures, among others related to missing or damaged teeth. If you’ve had trouble getting treatment for a missing tooth, then a prosthodontist will likely offer the best solutions and options to choose form.

Your prosthodontist may only need to replace on tooth or all of them. Whichever the case, he or she will have a special working relationship with their lab (or in some instances, a lab inside of their practice) to ensure the highest accuracy of fit and quality of your new restoration.

Are prosthodontists the same thing as cosmetic dentists? While nearly any dentist can say they’re a cosmetic dentist, cosmetic dentistry is not a specialty. That being said, prosthodontists have an extensive level of training in aesthetic techniques and materials, providing their patients with the best possible outcome.

Prosthodontic Offices

Most prosthodontists have private practices with an in-house lab, and sometimes an onsite dental technician. If you were to walk in, it would seem like a general dentist (family) office, but with additional resources like imaging or digital scanning technology.

Prosthodontists can help you regain your smile and your oral health. If the cost of care is keeping you from getting the great smile you deserve, consider joining a dental savings plan, the affordable and more flexible alternative to dental insurance. You can save 10%-60% on virtually all your dental care, at thousands of participating dentists and dental specialists nationwide. Find out more about the advantages of dental savings plans at

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