In-Office Tooth Whitening Procedures

Many people are unhappy with their not-quite-white teeth. Getting a dazzling, white smile is of great importance these days to a great number of people. There are several methods through which a person can get the smile of her dreams, though—a not-quite-white smile can definitely become a white and bright smile. Tooth whitening can give a person that beautiful smile she has been wanting.

Although there are numerous varieties of tooth whitening treatments, there are really two basic options for the procedure. A person can either opt to have a cosmetic dentist do the procedure in the office or a person can choose to do a procedure at home. It is really best, however, if a person opts to have an in-office tooth whitening procedure performed. This is because these treatments give a much higher degree of whitening in a shorter period of time.

For in-office treatments, a cheek retractor device is inserted into the mouth to expose the teeth. Then, a rubber dam liquid or resin is painted onto the gums to protect them from the tooth whitening materials. At this point is when the tooth whitening substance is applied to the teeth. The amount of time depends upon the particular substance used. Some substances also require the use of an intense light focused on the teeth.

These are the commonly used in-office treatments:

  • BriteSmile

This is a widely-available gentle bleaching system. Dental practices offer two strengths of the hydrogen peroxide-based tooth whitening gel (15% and 25%); however, there are also stand-alone BriteSmile tooth whitening locations across the country that offer only the 15% strength. This procedure takes about an hour. Costs vary, but can range from $400 to $600.

  • Opalescence Boost

This tooth whitening procedure also involves a hydrogen-peroxide based gel. In this case, it is at 38% strength; however, no light activator is used with this treatment. This treatment is said to be good for people with sensitive gums. The cost is about $500, and the procedure takes between 1 and 2 hours.

  • Den-Mat Sapphire Chairside Whitening

This tooth whitening gel combines a 25% base of hydrogen peroxide with a desensitizing enhancer. This makes it one of the best tooth whitening systems for sensitive teeth and gums. After the gel is painted on the teeth and the patient sits under a special light for 30 minutes, the gel is removed and the teeth are checked for the degree of whitening. If necessary, the dentist may decide to do the procedure for an additional 30 minutes. The cost for this treatment is $500.

  • Zoom! Chairside Whitening

This is a very popular procedure across the country. The gel with this treatment is a 25% hydrogen peroxide solution, and it is applied three times for fifteen minutes each time. Patients also sit under a special lamp while the gel is on. After the procedure, patients are given a Zoom! Tooth Whitening home use kit for touch-ups to use between in-office procedures. The cost of this treatment is $500.

Tooth whitening procedures that are done in an office often produce dramatic results, giving patients the bright, white smiles they desire.