Dental Surgery Cost - Oral Surgery Cost

Although many people desperately need oral surgery, it is a sad fact in our world that many people actually cannot afford it. Oral surgery can be very expensive and the procedures can be difficult to pay for. The following is a list of different procedures that may be performed in oral surgery.

  • Surgeries to remove teeth, especially ones that are difficult like impacted teeth.
  • The removal and treatment of cysts and tumors.
  • Reconstructive surgery from cancer of the mouth, neck, or head.
  • Lip reconstruction and diagnosis of skin cancer in the face or of the lips.
  • Treatment of chronic pain of face or mouth.
  • Cleft lip operations meant to cure the cleft lip.
  • Treatment of joint disorders in the jaw and neck.
  • Treatment after facial or oral fractures.
  • Bone fusing surgeries including dental splints to fix fractures.
  • Cosmetic surgeries in the face and neck can also be performed by oral surgeons.


Quite often, health insurance can cover these things, however sometimes people either do not have comprehensive enough insurance to cover all of these things, or they simply do not have insurance. Many of these issues, however, need immediate attention and patients often cannot wait to see a doctor when they can afford it. They need to see one immediately.

Here is a list of approximate costs of oral surgery procedures.

Initial consultation: These need to be set up with your surgeon so that they can determine the extent of the work that needs to be done.

Cost: $50 to $100

Teeth cleaning: Although dentists perform this too, many times people seek oral surgeons for special teeth cleaning procedures.

Cost: $35 to $85

Cavities: Many people seek out oral surgeons for their filling procedures because they can get deeper into the tooth and can sometimes be more effective.

Cost: $75 to $250

Porcelain crowns: Porcelain crowns are often very expensive to have done. They are placed over sick or dying teeth.

Cost: $900 to $1,500

Dentures: Dentures are fake teeth that are put onto missing or rotted teeth.

Cost: $1,500 to $2,200

Root Canal: Root canals are performed on rotting teeth.

Cost: $600 to $900

Surgical tooth extraction: Extractions of teeth, especially ones that are impacted are fairly complicated. Many people feel more comfortable with having an oral surgeon perform teeth extractions.

Cost: $200 to $500

Although this list has estimates as gathered from various oral surgery clinics, patients can use it as a guide to approximate expenses for their procedures. It is important that you set up a consultation with you doctor, however, to find out exact costs, financing options, and to see if your health insurance covers the procedures you need. If your health insurance does not cover the procedure that you need done, it is important that you meet with your surgeon and discuss payment plan options. More often than not, your surgeon may be willing to work with you and try to find a way to get your procedure done for a price you can afford.