Removable Veneers: The Alternative to Cosmetic Problems

Do you want to enhance your smile but are hesitant to make the investment without knowing what you will look like after the transformation?  You want to take a “test drive” before making a commitment of some magnitude. Do you feel that your smile is really OK but it could use a little boost for special occasions?  If either of these situations sound familiar, then you could benefit from a removable appliance that you can wear when you need it but remove it when you are done with it.

There have been removable dental appliances that do these jobs going back many years; however, they were costly, fragile and for very light use.  Modern dental science and technology makes the "smile of your dreams" a reality and you don't need a dream bank account to get it done.  This type of smile enhancement used to be called a "Hollywood Bridge" because it would cover a movie star's dental imperfections.  It was easily applied when needed and removed when they were done with it.   Of course, in the old days of Hollywood, there were no porcelain veneers and the "Hollywood Bridge" was a fine solution.  However, it had some big problems.  It was easily stained by food and beverage, repeated placement and removal would cause it to break and it was too weak to stand up to the rigors of eating.   Enter the new age of Dental Makeovers.

Today we have options.  We can choose several ways to bleach our teeth to make them whiter.  Or, maybe a complete makeover indicates porcelain veneers to do the job.  Would braces, whether visible or not, do it for you?   Or, maybe you want something simple and easy like the "Hollywood Bridge" of old.  The "Hollywood Bridge" goes by many brand names today.  "Snap-on Smile™" and "inStyle Smile™" are popular brand names in your dentist's office today.  They are beautiful, tough, durable, affordable and you can eat with them on your teeth.  The teeth come in many tooth shades from ultra white to a light tan to suit your needs.  The shapes of the teeth can be nearly any way that you want  from youthful to mature, masculine to feminine.   The modern “Hollywood bridge” is truly a cosmetic miracle.